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By devoting focused time to thinking through the steps you and your team need to take to get to the next level of achievement, you will build the "thought muscle" needed to better identify and anticipate what will be needed to remain competitive in the future -- essential insight for where to invest your team's skills development today.

Remember, leadership is a marathon, not a sprint. Rest if you must, but, do not stop ease up on the intensity to win.

Your team will stall, if you do. Instead, maintain a balance by spending time between driving to today's goals and examining what is needed to meet the demands of tomorrow's competitive environment. Develop the habit and discipline of regularly asking yourself, "what's next? Like this column?

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I live for feedback like this. As you make more money, new and better experiences are suddenly within reach.

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You only live once! Sitting closer to the basketball court and flying first class and upgrading to better hotels and nicer restaurants, fancier cars and maybe even a private school with some extra tutoring. You can do these things now.

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Two to three times more would be perfect. You compare yourself to those who are doing best. It eats at you. It makes no sense.

The Happiness Trap: Why You’re Never Satisfied and How to Break the Cycle

It only looks that way from the outside. Because they can. This is the one that people are so petrified about they almost never discuss it in the open. Jimmy Kimmel fills that space instead.

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Or Jimmy Fallon. Never Satisfied Iggy Azalea. Somewhere that you celebrated Celebrating, should be celebrating, yeah Celebrating I hold it down for you when you on the roll Your side of the bed's still cold he never satisfied He still wanna fuck with all the hoes They don't even cut it close he never satisfied Early in the morning at the stove Breakfast 'fore you go he never satisfied Yeah, I guess he never satisfied And I'm running out of time for him.

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