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White Barn. White barn beautifully decorated for a wedding. The animals simply vanished in the massive snow drifts. I worked my tail off to scrounge up enough money to buy those animals. I spent so much time and care keeping them healthy and strong. I might as well quit. Who will help with the garden when the spring comes? Who will tell me wonderful stories around the evening fire? You belong here, on this land, with me.

NARRATOR: The following spring… after the snow had melted and the winds had died down… Victoria was digging in her half of the field when her hoe struck something… hard. And when she opened it….

Thousands of them! Victoria was nearly out of breath from running. You found the gold in your half of the field - not mine! The treasure is yours, and yours alone.

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How can I take anything more? Clearly, fortune meant for you to find the gold. Take it, my friend! Eventually, they both grew rather… annoyed. The gold is yours!

Race 'Round the Orchard: Baby & Up

By morning, they were exhausted. They brought the chest of gold coins with them… taking turns carrying it because it was so heavy.

Then they took a deep breath When they were finished, the judge nodded slowly. He looked at the coins. He looked at the women. Then… he closed his eyes.

When at last he opened them again, his face broke into a broad grin. When we left off, two lifelong friends… Victoria and Veronica… had asked the wise judge to solve The women shared land on a farm. One of the women… Victoria But since the land was a gift from Veronica, Victoria felt Veronica should have the coins!

Veronica, on the other hand, thought Victoria should keep the gold: after all, finders keepers. Here is what you must do. Take this gold to the marketplace, and buy the highest-quality fruit seeds you can find.

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  5. Bring those seeds back to your farm and plant them on your land. The orchard that grows will be an orchard… of friendship. Let its fruits feed those less fortunate… let its shade help cool a weary traveler… and let its beauty remind everyone how truly spectacular nature can be. Rather than let the gold divide two lifelong friends, let it unite as many people as possible. They thanked the judge, and together they carried the chest of gold coins to the marketplace. Soon, their legs and arms ached.

    The brightly-colored creatures had been captured in the thick forests and high mountains, and would be sold at the market as very expensive pets. He took one look at their muddy overalls and work boots

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