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I developed a web app that optimise a company's production chain. Italian translation for joinmastodon. Added the italian translation for the joinmastodon. Fetches the stars count from a Github repository. A simple implementation of the result object. This is a demo of a matrix of squares that follow a specific rotation pattern.

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An art project, playing around with canvas. Simple queries against JSON-like in-memory data structures. Store and fetch data from a JSON file using the command line. Get Things Done, one Pommidoro at a time. I'm the author of the webapp. Be Brave with method chains. I'm the author of the gem. MaybeHash, only values and nil allowed I'm the author of the gem.

I'm the projecte owner. This is me wandering in WebGL land. I'm the author of the codebase. String manipulation and concatenating in Ruby on rails Mar You could use gsub! The best way to know if JQuery is available? I've solved this issue in a rails 3. Jun Father Birth Apr Implementation of a platform of urban reinassance. Civic Hacker civic hacking at Desio Feb Il commendatore has labeled the new independent designers garagistes , the men who cannot build engines.

Tutti i costruttori inglesi venivano considerati dei garagisti da Ferrari e dagli altri team costruttori.

All the English teams were considered to be the garagistes by Ferrari and the other racing teams. Suggest an example. Il tuo Emil Strago ha appena ucciso il mio garagista e fisicamente attaccato la mia persona. Your Emil Strago just killed my garage man and physically assaulted my person.

Certainly we didn't want to go that far; after all the French "garagistes" movement is actually composed of real producers with real albeit small farms. Leave me! Building a Democratic political order: Reshaping liberalism in the s and s. Pompa, David.

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  3. Best Kept Secrets of Successful Managers.

Roosevelt, Franklin D. The public papers and addresses of Franklin D. Roosevelt: War— and aid to democracies, , ed. Samuel I.

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  • Oral History, Oral Culture, and Italian Americans (Italian and Italian American Studies);
  • Controller-Anforderungsprofile: Eine empirische Untersuchung (Schriften des Center for Controlling & Management (CCM)) (German Edition)!
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    Smart, Samuel Chipman. The Outlet story, — Providence: Outlet Communications. Stave, Bruce M. The New Deal and the last hurrah: Pittsburgh machine politics. Sternsher, Bernard. The emergence of the New Deal party system: A problem in historical analysis of voting behavior. Journal of Interdisciplinary History 6 4 : — Toschi, James.


    Tosco Borgna, Lucia. Transcript of interview by Diane M. Tronzo, Alfred. Transcript of interview by Dodie Carpenter. Varbero, Richard A. Weber, Michael P. Weisberg, Naida D.

    Se Steve Jobs fosse nato a Napoli (Italian Edition)

    Diamonds are forever, but rhinestones are for everyone: An oral history of the costume jewelry industry of Rhode Island. Wilks, Filomena A. Transcript of interview, December 6. Notes 1. For an overview, see Luconi a, — Interview with Frank Cammarata For Baldi, see Greene , — Interview with Angela G. The name of the street is omitted in the transcript. Interview with Joseph De Salvo Jr. Interview with Michael T. Transcript of an interview with Lucia Tosco Borgna , 8. The name given for the activist, Tony Nicollo, is a pseudonym. Interview with Gennaro Di Biase For the key role of the New Deal labor legislation in the consolidation of the Roosevelt coalition, see Plotke Interview with Joseph De Salvo Transcript of an interview with Tosco Borgna , Transcript of an interview with Al Sisti, February , in Buhle , Interview with Cammarata Interview with Perriello, as quoted in Green , Transcript of an interview with Antonetta Filippone , 4.

    For the Outlet Company in the early s, see the rather apologetic account by Smart , 21— Interview with David Pompa Interview with James Toschi Transcript of an interview with Thomas M. Foglietta , 1. Transcript of an interview with Alfred Tronzo , 2. Transcript of an interview with John Jones , 4. Interview with Al Conway , 8. Interview with Pompa Transcript of an interview with Jones , 5.

    See also Morgan , — Transcript of an interview with Angela Silvioni Baccelli , Transcript of an interview with Mary Merolla , 4.

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    • Transcript of an interview with Filomena A. Wilks , 1. Transcript of an interview with Cavalloro De Nucci , 9. Interview with Albert F. For an early but outstanding example of the successful intertwinement of oral history and electoral analysis, see Stave For a similarly insightful instance of the use of oral narratives for political history, see Weber For the Italian American experience in politics, see, among others, Mormino , —94 ; Mormino and Pozzetta , —74, — Milani T here are places we have never been that nonetheless convey familiar images as though they were present in us, in our past, in our subconscious.

      Maybe we have actually heard of them or perhaps just dreamt them. According to the people of Lonate, America is actually California and specifically San Rafael, and the same applies also to the descendants of Lonatesi abroad.