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See sensual , -ity. Examples from the Web for sensualities You say that the sensualities of princes are only of 'anecdotal interest. X, October Various.

Oscar Wilde, Volume 2 of 2 Frank Harris. The paper will show how performative devices from these traditions do not merely generate layers of experience but weave for the listener a rich net of relationships among these layers, heightening and intensifying the phenomena in ways that are essential for the meaning of the music.


The implications of these experiential dynamics for the ethnomusicology of performance will be suggested. Harris Berger. Start over.

Cart timeout warning. Did you forget to check a corner and got shot from behind? Did you lose overview of the game and were surprised by the enemy?

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Therefore I currently don't waste any time on aim-training. Instead I play a lot of casual and just try to play as much of "stay calm, don't rush, and don't do stupid things". I hope this helps me to train a slower and more calculated playstyle. If you know your weak ess you can do targeted training for faster improvments. I used to watch my demos very rarely and when I did, I would make little notes but never in-game.

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I'll try this out from now on, thanks! You can aim your movement or your crosshair placement. Bhopping can be handy for surprising your opponents for being so fast at A or B. Honestly why do you even care, you slept with her. That's all the validation she needs to know whatever she is doing, is perfectly okay. Sure you can put her in her place, but at the end of the day, sloots gonna sloot mane.

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I do the kill challenge on aim botz, with the last wall up like how most people do it, and have gotten 51 seconds as my best so far. How long do you think it will take to get something like 40 seconds if possible? I am curious about KovaaK's aim trainer too though, or what other things would be useful. Feel free to share with my your current aim training routine, how far you've come, and how long it took you!

Just got 50 seconds in the kill challenge today. I am thinking about possibly getting an internship for the summer and maybe to extend it indefinitely throughout the rest of my college and career if I like it enough.