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A round up of the torch route on its penultimate day.

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Islington The Flame will begin at Wharfdale Road. Southwark The Flame will start on the walkway on Bankside on the south side of the Millennium Bridge. Last updated Sat 19 Jul Read more updates. Sport olympics torch. Bibliography Short fiction Unpublished and uncollected Awards and nominations. Heroes for Hope American Vampire Book Category.

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Sooty is a cat with a knack for trouble. Once, he jumped into Clarabel 's guard 's window to see the world. However, when Thomas took his carriages to a dairy factory , Sooty hopped off Clarabel and climbed onto the factory's rafters. He was saved by a fireman , who climbed up a high sail and lured the cat with fish. In the end, Sooty made a deal to stay at the shed and Thomas' driver would give him some milk and a fish daily.

He appeared in the magazine story, Cat Got the Cream! Big Ben was a rooster, who used to annoy Skarloey and Rheneas by waking them up too early. The stationmaster asked the farmer to move Big Ben's coop further away from the shed.

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Thunder and Lightning are two horses. They were not called Thunder and Lightning, until a huge raging storm came to Sodor and frightened both horses. Thomas came up with their names and now they carry soft drinks with a two-wheeled cart. Cleo is an elderly female cheetah that resides at the Wildlife Park.

She is somewhat timid because, as the ranger says, she is more scared of the engines than the engines are of her. She appeared in the magazine story, Scaredy Cat. Happy was a new giraffe at the Sodor Wildlife Park. It was once startled by a loud noise and ran off, but was found hiding in some trees and coaxed out by Rocky 's crane arm that was disguised as another giraffe.

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The giraffe is now happy in its new home with other giraffes. Thomas suggested the name "Happy" as that is what Rocky made it.

Its gender remains unknown. Happy appeared in the magazine story, Helpful and 'Happy'! Scamp is a friendly and rather mischievous red squirrel that was brought to Sodor from the Mainland for the children's zoo. When he first arrived on the island, he was frightened by a loud noise and ran off. He then went on to cause trouble all over the island. He stole workmen's pies, the peanuts from Gordon 's buffet car and Lady Hatt's seed cake.

The Fat Controller then found the pesky squirrel asleep inside Annie. He appeared in the magazine story, The Red Squirrel! Icy Blast is a racehorse that Percy once took for a run in the countryside with his jockey and trainer. After his run, the jockey covered his horse in blankets. When they arrived back at the stables, the jockey and trainer gave a cold Percy some blankets of his own to keep him warm. Icy Blast appears in the magazine story, Percy Keeps Warm. Tiger is the Tidmouth stationmaster's pet cat. Tiger once went missing and a reward of a day off was to be given to the engine who found him.

The cat remained missing for over a week until James puffed out into the countryside trying to work out why he smelled so horrible. The cat, who was hiding in a nearby tree, leaped onto James' tender, drawn to the fishy smell. The cat was then returned to the stationmaster and James and his crew got the promised day off. Tiger presumably got his name because of his resemblance to a tiger. He appeared in the magazine story, Something Fishy.

Pip is a little terrier dog belonging to a group of walkers. She was once startled by a log falling from Henry's train and fell into a river. Luckily, the log rolled into the river too and Pip was able to scramble onto it. She floated down the narrowing river until the log was wedged between the bank and the walkers were able to save her. She appeared in the magazine story, Hooray, Henry. Wag is a little dog who belongs to the stationmaster of a small country station on Thomas' Branch Line.

He is very friendly and loves seeing Thomas. Once, he climbed into one of Thomas' mail vans and everyone thought he was missing. Luckily, Thomas and the Fat Controller heard Wag later the same night. Wag got his name because he is always wagging his tail happily. He appeared in the magazine story, Where's Wag? Sugar is a ginger cat. One day, as Bertie was leaving his depot, the manager stopped him to tell him that there was a cat asleep on Bertie's roof. Bertie's driver fetched the cat down and an inspection of the tag on his collar revealed his name to be Sugar.

Bertie's driver then took the cat home, causing Bertie's passengers to miss their connection with the express. Sugar appeared in the magazine story, Cat and Mouse. Candy is a horse that competes at jumping events at horse shows.

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One day, Candy got startled and bolted from the field. She jumped over a ditch and cleared a hedge perfectly. Emily and the horse's owner quickly found Candy in another field nearby. Emily was impressed by Candy's amazing jumping skills and the fact she chose her own special course. Candy appears in the magazine story, Up and Over. Chatterbox is a parrot which belongs to Thomas' fireman. He once escaped and went into the station's office where he spoke into an announcer's microphone, causing chaos all over the station. Thomas guessed that Chatterbox was behind all of the confusion and the bird was soon recaptured.

He appeared in the magazine story, Bird Talk. Ozzie is an ostrich that resides at the Sodor Wildlife Centre. He once escaped and when he was found by Thomas, he was holding the Fat Controller's missing pocket watch in his beak. He appeared in the magazine story, Bird Watch. Dougal is a puppy belonging to Lord Callan.

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He does not like being left alone and howls until his master returns. His howling can be so loud that it echoes around Castle Loch. Percy once thought the howling noise was a ghost. Dougal appeared in the magazine story, Strange Sounds. Cocky is a parrot who lives at Arlesburgh station.

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She belongs to the stationmaster's father. She appeared in the annual story, Oliver Gets the Bird. Tabitha is a cat who stowed away on Gordon 's tender while he was waiting on The Mainland , although Gordon was unaware of this until the next day when she chased away some noisy sparrows that were annoying him. She appeared in the annual story, Gordon's Stowaway. Percy was a newborn lamb that is named after the locomotive of the same name after the engine helped take the pregnant ewe to the vet's house during a rainstorm.

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Percy the lamb has a sibling, but it is unknown what his or her name is. Percy appeared in Issue 's Bedtime Story in