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Raspados are Panamanian snow cones, topped with sweet syrups and condensed milk. Sometimes you can even ask for some fruit to be added on top.

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Balboa beer is a darker stout-like Panama beer, while the others are lighter brews. Imported beer is more expensive. If beer isn't strong enough for you, try some Panama seco. This is a fermented sugar cane liquor. You can mix it with milk to lessen the bite.

Along with Costa Rica, it tends to be the most expensive. However, even so, it still isn't as expensive as destinations in Europe and is, overall, 25 percent cheaper than in the U.

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Tripsavvy uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using Tripsavvy, you accept our. Share Pin Email. Other main dishes include:. They are sometimes served with homemade tomato sauce. Carimanola: This is a fried yucca roll stuffed with meat and boiled eggs. Tamales: boiled pockets of corn dough, stuffed with meat and served in banana leaves.

Even if you tried these in some of the other countries of the region, ask for them again in Panama. Each country has its own recipes and food traditions.

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  • Plantains: In Panama, plantains come three ways. Patacones are salty fried green plantains cut crosswise; Maduros are mature fried plantains slightly sweeter and Tajadas are baked plantains cut lengthwise and sprinkled with cinnamon. These are the 5 most daring chefs in Latin America. Later, new migrations increased the workforce for the construction of the Interoceanic Canal under U.

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    But West Indians were not the only workers of African origin in the isthmus. The first ones were brought to America through the colonial slavery system and the descendants of those early Africans were called Afro-Colonials. From the coexistence among whites and blacks, Colonials, West Indians and North Americans, in addition to other racial groups like the Chinese and the Hindus, a cauldron of cultures, traditions and flavors emerged, which explains why Panama is today a melting pot.

    Unlike common belief, neither Ivan nor any of his family members are West Indian. His skin is dark brown and his broad smile lights up his face every time he speaks. Formerly, their enslaved ancestors used to prepare it with leftover food.

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    There are two types: a yellow one with onions, mustard, parsley and vinegar and a white one with curry and vinegar. The coastal one, however, is also pickled but reddish due to the ingredients used to prepare it. Ivan learned everything he knows thanks to his mentor Ana Boyce, a Panamanian of West Indian origin, who taught him all of her recipes when she noticed his talent and love for cooking.

    That was how he decided to start his own business.

    Traditional Cuisine and Beverages in Panama

    It is a row of eateries or canteens located very close to the main avenue, where six chefs offer their West Indian dishes at their respective locales. The idea to bring them together was born ten years ago, thanks to Panamanian House member Javier Ortega. Since then it has become an enclave filled with Caribbean flavors, located in the heart of one of the first Caribbean settlements of Panama City. His seafood gumbo was incorporated as part of his Afro-Colonial legacy because this is part of the diet of coastal folks. From this mix of recipes and idiosyncrasies came a new gastronomy that is firmly rooted in the Caribbean and can be recognized by itsocean flavors, its joy and its vibrant colors.

    At the age of 30 he has set out on his mission to make the new generation discover the story of his Afro-Colonial roots, as well as the seasoning and flavors he inherited from his father. For me everything was mixed from the beginning, just like my family.


    My grandmother is influenced by Colon and Colombia, my mom is from the countryside, my father is from Colon. La Tapa del Coco offers One Pot, Saus, codfish dumplings, among other dishes that are very popular in the local culinary scene. In addition, he has taken his Caribbean flavors to different countries of the world. And he has traveled from New York to Hong Kong to participate in events that promote Panama as a culinary destination. In he was invited to Paris, together with chef Joseph Archbold , to cook at the United Nations headquarters. Joseph remembers packing his suitcase with all his spices, starting with the curry especially prepared in his Bocas del Toro restaurant.