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Other tales in this collection involve werewolves with body image issues, and a series of stories set in a post apocalyptic world, chronicling the survival of one child. This collection is not outright scary. Instead, its stories are chilling and unsettling. Themes of loss, isolation, and death are explored, and a sense of dread is present in even the most mundane and ordinary seeming circumstances.

Horror on the Brain: A Collection of Psychological Horror Stories

The Gracetown cycle of stories is a great example of this. History is also examined. Read if you like: gothic horror, zombies, science fiction horror, werewolves, demons, post-apocalyptic settings, historical horror. Jack Miller is a twenty-six year old failed academic who jumps at the chance to escape his dead end job as an export clerk by becoming the radio operator to a year-long expedition to Gruhuken, an arctic outpost in the north of Svalbard.

Feeling slightly out of place among the Oxford-educated team, Jack initially thinks of turning down the offer, but upon seeing a dead body fished from the Thames is quick to change his mind, an ill-fated decision. Almost immediately, bad luck begins to plague the expedition.

Another member breaks his leg. Finally, the leader of the expedition falls ill, and Jack is left alone at the outpost to carry on. John mans the outpost alone, but as the sun sets for the long, arctic night, he realizes that he may not be alone. Something is lurking in the icy dark, and it wants to come in. You will never look at winter as peaceful again.

Cas Lowood hunts ghosts. Along with his herb-witch mother and their cat, Cas travels the country looking for ghosts, preparing himself to face the one that killed his father. Anna is an incredibly powerful ghost who murders anyone that enters her home, except Cas. With Anna, Cas gets more than he bargained for. The dripped red dress she wears was once white on the day that she was brutally murdered in her own home. With the help of his friends, Thomas and Carmel, and his mother, Cas slowly unravels the mystery surrounding Anna as he comes to care for her.

But Cas knows there can be no happy ending for them. Anna is, by turns, evil and heartless and vulnerable and caring. She is a tragic figure, and her loneliness is similar to that of Cas, a boy who, by necessity, lives on the fringe of society. The two are drawn to each other, and even though, you know their story cannot end well, you will be surprised. Anna is only one antagonist that Cas faces in the story, and at first, she is truly terrifying.

Mara is done with silly superstitions that her childhood with her spiritualist parents was filled with. She wants nothing to do with ghosts, mediums, even religion. Almost immediately after they move in, mysterious things begin happening. Odd sounds in the attic, children crying, even ghostly apparitions, but Mara is determined that there is a logical explanation for it all. A surprise twist reveals that Mara is more closely connected to the house than she realizes, and this increases the tension in the story. Blackwood House is the perfect haunted house, removed from civilization and isolated from help, creating a tense, claustrophobic environment.

Moments of romance between Neil and Mara ease the tension in this eerie and atmospheric novel. Set in , Joyland is part murder mystery, part coming of age novel, and part ghost story. Devin jones is a university student fresh off a painful heartbreak when he applies for a summer job at Joyland, an amusement park in North Carolina. Both have a child with supernatural powers who can interact with the spirit world, but the horrors in Joyland are much tamer.

Read if you like: dark mystery, haunted carnivals, retro pulp fiction, coming of age stories. They move into the abandoned and forbidding Crickley Hall. Almost immediately, strange things begin happening in the house.

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Odd noises are heard, and strange puddles of water appear in the house. The dog is strangely afraid of the place. She believes that her son may be trying to contact her from beyond, and so strong is her belief that she attempts to make contact with him through a psychic.

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Slowly, the tragic history of Crickley Hall comes to light and the reality of the danger that the Calleigh family faces the longer they stay in the haunted house. The mystery surrounding the source of the haunting adds to the mounting tension and dread. Readers know something bad happened there, and the events that lead up to the climactic reveal unfold at a blistering pace. All of these make for a deliciously suspenseful classic ghost story. The circumstances of the two deaths intrigue Asakawa.

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They are too similar not to be connected. After some research, he discovers that a total of four teens have all died at roughly the same time under very similar circumstances. His search leads him to a resort, and a fateful video cassette.

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  • The images on the tape are brief, confusing, and the consequences of viewing them are dire. Asakawa receives a warning that he will die in seven days unless he follows the instructions on the video… the instructions that have been taped over. This eerie tale combines ghost story with mystery, Japanese mysticism with medical science, past with presents with chilling results as tension slowly mounts. Though slightly dated who uses video tapes anymore? Aging rocker, Jude Coyne has an obsession with the strange and macabre.

    So, when his assistant finds a ghost for sale in an online auction, Jude is skeptical but not one to pass up the opportunity.

    The ghost arrives in the form of a garish suit wrapped in a heart-shaped box but with little evidence of the supernatural… at first. When Jude discovers the ghost, he quickly realizes that the entity haunting the suit is terrifyingly evil, and it wants to destroy Jude and everyone around him.

    The Collected Ghost Stories of E.F. Benson

    Along the way, their relationship grows stronger and Jude faces some painful truths about his past and himself. Though the pace of the story is slow at first, letting readers gradually get to know the prickly characters of Jude and Georgia, once the ghost arrives, readers are lead on a fast-paced thrill ride with the couple as they discover its origins and intent.

    Little do they know that their dream home was the site of a gruesome murder. A year before they buy the house, Ronald deFeo Jr. Soon after they move in, the Lutz family begins having strange experiences. Windows opened and closed by themselves. Missy, the Lutz daughter makes an imaginary friend whom she claims looks like a pig, and George discovers his wife, Kathy, levitating in bed.

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    The wall ooze a strange viscous substance. Even after his visit, Father Mancuso gets strange blisters whenever he thought about the events that unfolded on Ocean Avenue. The supernatural occurrences are also similar, though much like Hell House, it is obvious from the start that the Amityville house is evil. The deFeo murders did, in fact, happen, lending an air of credibility to the story. With no money or standing, Li loses hopes for making a good marriage in Malacca.

    The Best Horror Books of All Time

    Her family is therefore understandably shocked when she receives a marriage proposal from the wealthy Lim family, but this proposal is a little bit unusual. She is torn between her desires and her sense of duty to her family. But what is his purpose in pursuing her? After falling ill, herself, Li journeys to the Underworld to find out, but she may not make it out alive.

    It takes readers to where the ghosts actually are.